Pediatric Program

Passion 05 Health Services, Inc. works with children on the Pediatric Program. This program covers therapy services, nursing care and rehabilitative support for most patients who have recently been discharged from hospitalization.

Dealing with young patients for many years has made our staff more patient and experienced in Pediatrics. Children need to be attended to with extra caution. During such formative years, it is important that we make them feel they are valued - as all patients should be.

The goal for this program is to give them the care and attention that is appropriate for their conditions. Through home health care services, our staff hopes to equip these young patients with the developmental, emotional, physical and social tools that help them lead quality lives. By giving them a chance to stabilize their growth during the young years that shape their future, we also give them the opportunity to find their strengths while treating them for any deficiencies that could hamper their development.


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